Our dream is to see “how heaven breaks into our lives, our city, and our world”. Therefore, Kirche in Aktion holds different social ministries within the Rhine-Main area to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of people in their environment, especially those at the margins of society. Within our ministries we want to serve and empower others. We want to bring together people from different backgrounds and thereby cross-generational, social and cultural boundaries. Currently, around 300 volunteers are involved within our ministries in the cities of Mainz, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Offenbach.

We briefly want to introduce to you our leadership team of the SpielMobil:

Robert Stößer

Project Planning & PR

Robert – the mastermind behind the SpielMobil who initiated and developed the SpielMobil from the beginning on. He is responsible for the overall project planning, fundraising and all the reporting as well as for the public relations.

Cornelius Smal

Project Handling

Cornelius is our helping hand or our "man on the ground".
He looks after our SpielMobil. Cornelius takes care of the maintenance and upkeep.
He also takes care of the logistics, i.e. transporting the SpielMobil to the respective location.

Frank Stammel

Project Management

Frank - this is where all the threads come together.
Frank coordinates appointments, projects and rentals and supports the volunteer teams in their planning. He himself is wholeheartedly involved with the team in Mainz!

Lisa Wahl

Office Management

Lisa is the heroine of all paperwork matters.
With others in the back office, she carefully ensures that all donations are properly accounted for. She also checks agreements and manages all the important documents relating to our SpielMobil.