About us

Under the motto of “bringing a piece of heaven to Earth”, Church in Action holds different social projects in order to concretely meet the spiritual and physical needs of people on the round. The goal is to work beyond generational and economical boundaries so as to provide a sense of being appreciated and capacity building. For this purpose, there are more than 300 volunteers within the cities of Mainz, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and other places.

We are thankful for every helping hand that wants to support our Spielmobil project and want to introduce you to our primary team here:

Robert Stößer
Project Planning & PR

Robert – the mastermind behind the Spielmobil who approached the intiation and planning of the Spielmobil with heart and intellect. He is responsible for the overall project planning, the fundraising and all the reporting as well as for the public relations.

Ruben Leinberger
Deployment Planning

Ruben takes care of the entire deployment planning. He is in charge of the coordination of operations, in particular for teams of all our volunteers. As a trained educator, he is also responsible for the structure of missions and supervision.

Danny Atkins
Project handling

Danny – the helping hand. Danny drives, tends, and cares for our Spielmobil itself and knows every single one of our volunteers. He makes sure that our play equipment is in order and that our supplies are always replenished.


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